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Estate Planning

Every person needs to do some basic estate planning preparations. A Sibley Cox estate planning attorney can help you to evaluate options that fulfill your wishes.  No matter what your age or current health condition, you should get some staple documents in place now.


As your family changes through marriage, the birth of children or divorce, you can update your wills and trusts accordingly. Estate planning attorneys at Sibley Cox can consult on the best way to accomplish your goals, make your end of life decisions clear, take care of relatives, and plan for gifts to organizations you wish to benefit.

Estate Planning

Sibley Cox  estate planning attorneys advise you on best solutions that meet your goals,  and work with you over time to update your documents as changes in law affect specific gifts.

If you wish to protest a will in probate, the firm can also assist with litigation.

If life changes mean you need to plan for your family or make plans for aging parents, including:

  • Will Drafting
  • Gifts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Life Directives
  • Living Trusts
  • Probate Administration
  • Probate Litigation

Why You Need a Will

Even with recent changes to Texas law, the most effective way to direct how your assets will be given away is through a will. A will dictates  your last wishes.  Details can include burial, beneficiaries who do (or do not) receive your assets.  Bequests include property, such as your house and investment property, personal effects, and bank accounts when you die.

Common Estate Planning Questions

More than anything, Sibley Cox estate planning attorneys want to ensure your final wishes are realized. Some common questions from estate planning clients include:

What happens if I don’t have a will? In Texas, if you do not have a will at the time of your death, the State dictates how your property will be dispersed. This is called intestate succession. A court will name your heirs through a Court order that allows the property to be utilized by the heirs.

I found my parent’s will. What do I do with it? A will is nothing more than a useless document until someone files it with the court. This is called probating the will. A court ensures the legal formalities of a will. It then appoints someone to ensure the will’s directives are followed. Sibley Cox is experienced in all aspects of Probate and the litigation that arises from it.

Dad changed his will right before he died to give everything to his 25-year-old girlfriend. Is there anything I can do? Unfortunately, people do try to take advantage of the elderly. There various ways to challenge a will in court once a party attempts to probate it. Most of all, you need to act quickly if you do not want the party to get everything in the will.

How can I let my family know my wishes if I am brain dead? You can draft a living directive, which is a document that indicates your wishes in the event you are not able to communicate. Alternatively, you can designate someone to make those decisions for you through a medical power of attorney.

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