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Civil Litigation - Filing or Defending a Lawsuit

Experienced Litigation Attorneys

If you’ve been sued or need to sue, Sibley Cox attorneys have extensive experience in civil litigation including wrongful death, car accidents, insurance claims, defamation, and consumer matters. Whether plaintiffs or defendant, our courtroom experience allows us to aggressively pursue your case to conclusion and make the process smoother and protect your interests. Sibley, Cox litigation attorneys can help if you have been victimized. We understand that victims do not always know where to turn. We can help by evaluating your case and determining what steps to take next in the civil courts.

Why You Need a Litigation Attorney

An litigation attorney will represent your interests in front of the civil, or noncriminal, courts of Texas. Experienced litigation attorneys such as Sibley Cox will discuss your case with you, write written documents called pleadings and motions to and argue those documents to the Court.

Common Litigation Attorney Questions

If you’ve been sued or need to sue, Sibley Cox litigation attorneys can help you navigate the process. Some common questions we encounter include:

What if I cannot afford an attorney? In some cases, our firm is able to take cases without you having to pay large upfront costs. We provide multiple payment options and work with you. Call for a consultation to see what we can do.

What happens once the lawsuit is filed? Every case is different and that depends on what your opponent does, but once a lawsuit is filed each party can request relief from the Court in the form of motions or ask other parties for documents that may be important to proving your case (called discovery).

What do lawyers do with motions? Attorneys prepare motions to request a specific outcome from the court. Motions can address many issues, from dismissing the case to restricting presentation information not relevant to the case to requiring medical testing. Our attorneys are skilled in both pursuing necessary motions and limiting frivolous requests by opposing parties.

Would you like to get to a settlement without a trial? Very few cases go to final trial. Most settle outside the courtroom. The Court may order parties to participate in mediation before a trial. A professional mediator is assigned by the court and agreed to by all parties. All parties to the case are present for mediation. If they cannot agree on an outcome, the case will continue to trial. Sibley Cox attorneys aggressively pursue settlements, keeping the cost to the client as low as possible.

What if I lose the case? A case is not over because you did not get the result from the trial court. In Texas, you have a right to appeal your case to a higher court if the trial court did not act as it was supposed to. Consult with your attorney to analyze reasons to appeal. However, the right to appeal cases is limited and must be done within 30 days of the trial court’s decision.

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