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Business Transactions

In the excitement of starting a new venture, or landing a big piece of business, you may believe that you can move full speed ahead on your own. However, Sibley Cox business attorneys can assist you in avoiding issues thatcause significant problems and liabilities in the future. A Sibley Cox business attorney can assist you with:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Setting up a corporation or LLC
  • Dissolving a partnership
  • Contracts for services, sales and proprietary information
  • Company buy outs

Do You Need a Business Attorney? 

Of course the idea of hiring a business attorney may seem like it might complicate the situation.  However , an experienced business attorney really protects all interested parties in the long run. Some common questions we encounter include:

My partner and I are great friends. Do we really need to consult an attorney as we launch our business? Yes, it’s a good idea to discuss with an attorney, so that key issues, such as what type of corporate entity, what to do if you dissolve, and how to handle disputes among yourselves are defined from the outset. You want to ensure there is no ambiguity.

Do we need to incorporate our business or should we be an LLC? Your decision depends on many factors, including your business product, potential taxes, liability and personnel issues. Consulting a lawyer on how to structure your business is a good idea from the beginning to avoid expensive litigation in the future.

Our business can’t afford a corporate lawyer. How do we handle our legal needs? You may want to arrange for outside counsel with an attorney in a firm that knows your business and deals with your legal issues over time. Sibley Cox attorneys have represented corporate entities both in and out of court. We provide flexible options that work best for your business.

What about contracts for services, sales, proprietary information, buy outs, and other business transactions?  An attorney  should review contracts and other agreements between your company, clients and suppliers.

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